How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Celebrate Our Pets

Posted by Lisa on 11/13/2015 to From Lisa

How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Celebrate Our Pets

Twenty years ago, if I wanted to show you pictures of my dog Rocky, I would have had to snap a photo on a regular camera, take the film to a store to get developed, wait, wait some more, pick up the photos from the store, and then make the drive to your house so we could peruse the photos. Hopefully, none were blurry or I’d have to try to recreate the moment and take some more photos and repeat the cycle all over again.

Today, if you want to show a friend your dog’s photo, it takes just seconds. So many of us have cameras loaded in our phones that all we have to do to take a photo is just point and tap. Sometimes, that photo is too amazing for just one person so we post it to our favorite social media site for all our followers to see. When used correctly and safely, social media sites are wonderful tools to help us stay connected. As dog lovers, we are certainly a social group of people when we get to brag about our pets. Here are my top five favorite sites to do just that:

Sharing dog pics with your friendsFacebook

While it is certainly not the first social media site on the web, it is far and away one of the most prolific. Every so often, the site rolls out new features to continue to engage current users and to capture new ones. There are many reasons why I like Facebook, but if you are a dog owner or a dog person, this site is the stuff dreams are made of. If you just type the word ‘dog’ in the internal search engine, you get a smorgasbord of dog-related posts of your friends, viral dog videos, and retail sites such as Yellow Dog Design. But, the best reason of all to be on Facebook is to show off your own dogs. Am I right or am I right?


Using this platform allows a person to capture life’s moments on film with a sense of the beautiful regardless of subject matter. This is because of all those amazing photo filters that Instagram is famous for. Although there are several to choose from, Rise and Valencia always seem to be my top choices. I used Rise in a photo once and one of my followers said I could pass for twenty-nine again so that made me a fan for life.

If you ever need a quick dog fix, do yourself a favor and take a peek at what Instagram has to offer using the ever popular hashtag method. For example, if you type #cutedog in the search bar, you will be able to see a million and a half photo stories and videos that you can easily peruse. It makes me want every dog I see on Instagram. If you can handle cuteness unleashed, then this is the platform for you.


Days of my life have been lost to pinning cool stuff to my board. It has evolved so much since its inception that people are flocking to this platform for all sorts of reasons. Interested in dog art? Pin it! Looking for ideas to organize your pet’s toys and snacks? Pin it! Need some new pet furniture? Pin It! The coolest part of pinterest is that you can share your boards with others as well as discover new websites that may have gone under the radar with a typical internet search.

Hey check out my cool new picTwitter

If you are able to say what you want to say under 140 characters, you can instantly communicate to anyone with an account. With a use of a hashtag in Twitter’s search bar, such as #YDD or #YellowDog, you can also connect with like minded people. Are you looking for posts about a specific breed of dog? Hashtag away! It doesn’t matter what breed, you can connect be it a #YellowLab, #Mutt, #Cattledog, or #Havanese. #WeLoveOurDogs no matter what.

Google +

I just tried Google Hangouts for the first time last year and it was glorious. My siblings and I tested out their video-calling feature which allows you and nine other people to chat it up. For dog owners, this is a great use of technology if you are away on vacation or at school and you are missing your dog. All you need is a person on the other end to help manage the connection. After that it’s just a click of a button or a swipe of a screen and you can have a real-time video chat with your beloved furry pal.

What are your favorite social media sites to use? I would love to see posts and pics of your dogs. Tell me about them too. How old are they? What makes them so awesome? Brag away and don’t be shy about it. Reach out to me on our social media pages so I can read all about it.

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