Meet Our Guest Blogger, Lisa!

Posted by Lisa on 10/7/2015 to From Lisa


I’m Lisa.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you were in front of me, I’d probably have to bear hug you over my excitement. But first, here are some random tidbits about me:

  • Dog GroomerEach night to fall asleep, I put on a Ken Burns documentary.Not because they are boring, but because they are like bedtime stories for adults. I highly recommend it. As an added bonus, I am now a force to be reckoned with at certain Jeopardy categories.
  • I can’t sing and I can’t dance but I once trained for a 10k. I lasted seven whole minutes before I knew running wasn’t for me. I am what you call ‘ indoorsy’.
  • When I write, I can ‘brain’ better and ‘people’ more.It removes all those swirling thoughts that are in constant motion inside my head.
  • I am married and we have two tiny humans that live with us. Until very recently, I stayed at home with them full-time. Some days I nail that parenting thing down with my mom hammer like nobody’s business, and other days not so much. But, they are super cute so I keep at it. Both of them will be in school full-time in the fall so I will be entering new territory being a working mom.
  • Before I was married with children though, I was a dog groomer for a while. Best. Job. Ever.
  • I am a serial over-sharer but not when it comes to chicken wings. You’ve been warned.Seriously. Stay away from my wings.I’m a biter.
  • I have owned dogs since 1978. My first dog was Barney.Then came Misty. Then Kelly, then Rocky, followed by Ben and then Winston. Some of my crew were rescues and some we got as puppies. All were very much loved and all are very much missed. Yellow Dog Design
  • We are currently ‘between dogs’ at the moment, but that is going to change within the year. My son has finally turned the corner from being afraid of dogs to wanting a puppy to love on. All those months of making him watch cute puppy videos on youtube finally paid off.I can’t wait.

Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s talk about why I am thrilled to be a guest blogger for Yellow Dog Design. First, I believe their products are the best in the industry. They set a pretty high standard for their designs and it shows. Please believe me when I say that I have seen countless collars and leashes in my day so I am not easily impressed. This company knocked my socks off. Second, this company loves animals and cares about your pets.My third reason is a little self-serving though. Blogging is a perfect blend of all the jobs I have had in my adult life if you can believe it. I get to write, talk about all things dog, and try to make people laugh. What more could I ask for?

So let’s do this thing, shall we?I can’t wait to share my adventures with you. Tell your friends about Yellow Dog because the more, the merrier.



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