Situation Normal All Pooped Up INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by Yellow Dog on 11/10/2015 to Infographics
Situation Normal All Pooped Up INFOGRAPHIC

Situation Normal All Pooped Up (SNAPU)?

If you are a dog owner, then I am going to lay down a universal truth at your feet. At some point, your dog is probably going to poop in your house during the course of his lifetime. Do yourself a favor and make peace with this. It may have happened already and I’m really sorry about that. If it has not happened yet, then pat yourself on the back. You win the crown. For now anyway.

It’s only a waiting game my friend. There is no telling when but you need to be emotionally prepared for the day when it does. It may happen the day you are away at work for far too long or it may happen in the middle of the night while you are sleeping and too tired to hear your pooch trying to wake you up. It may even happen when you get up from the couch to get a soda from the fridge (which I always thought was the most frustrating).

When it finally does happen, I like to call it a S.N.A.P.U. (situation normal all pooped up). I want to emphasize the normal part for a moment. The other universal truth that needs to be told is that when your dog has an accident in your home, it doesn’t mean he hates your guts or that he enjoys seeing the agony in your face and the tears on your cheeks as you clean up another one of his messes. It just means that he relieved himself in a very unfortunate space which is your home.

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