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One of the things I am passionate about is responsible dog ownership. As pet parents, our job is to provide a safe place for our dogs as well as the people with whom they have contact. For some, this can be a real challenge. There are dogs out there that have so much energy they don’t know what to do with themselves, and will knock you over trying to be your buddy. While some view this as flattering, a hyper dog can be dangerous for a child or an older adult who is not as sure on their feet. There are also dogs out there that act fine until you invade their space. And what about the dogs who are blind or deaf? A blind or deaf dog may become agitated if a stranger were to reach out and pet him without fair warning first.

Enter the need for the CAUTION collar. This type of collar has a direct message printed on it to give people fair warning about the dog, and its purpose is to help prevent an incident before it occurs. Yellow Dog Design offers a variety of this type of collar depending on your needs. This is why I love this company so much. They really care about keeping our dogs safe as well as the people around them. Here is an example:

caution do not pet dog collar

Now if you saw this collar on a dog, you would keep your distance right? It’s brightly colored and its message is to the point. Last week, my son and I encountered a man with a dog who could have benefitted from the use of this type of collar. We were in line at a checkout counter at a store when they came and stood in line behind us. When I first saw the man with his dog, I was a bit taken aback. I didn’t think that dogs were welcomed given the type of store we were in. Since it was a strange dog, I did what I always do and quickly assessed the dog for obvious signs of fear and aggression. The dog’s eyes were relaxed, the tail was wagging, and he seemed very loose and happy to be out and about with his owner. No problem there.

Now, keep in mind that I had my three year old standing right next to me the whole time we were checking out. He was being kept busy trying to figure out how to climb Mount St. Mommy and showed zero interest in the dog. I was happy about this because it would make my check-out experience go more smoothly.


dog-whale-eyeBefore I go on, this whole thing should not have happened the way it did. I should have been less rushed and more aware. The man should not have been so close to us that my son could actually touch the dog if he simply took a few steps. Lastly, the store really should have had a sign letting all patrons know that dogs were allowed in the store. I would have loved that courtesy. Had I known this fact, my boy’s butt would have been riding in a cart while we shopped. The encounter took less than ten seconds but it was long enough for an incident to happen if that man didn’t speak up.

Luckily, no one was bitten because the guy acted immediately. While a CAUTION collar can never,ever take the place of being a responsible dog owner, the use of one in this instance would have been so helpful for all parties involved. I would have moved my son to a safer area to give the dog his space. For the man, it may have eased his anxiety about bringing his dog into the store. I am sure he loves his dog dearly and didn’t want to leave him in a hot car while he was shopping. No one would want that.

I wish more people knew about CAUTION collars because they can take a little bit of the pressure off the owner to explain away their dog’s behavior or medical condition when they are out and about with their pooch. However, it is important to stay vigilant as always when you are with your dog. Not everyone will be able to read the warning on the collar, especially little kids. These types of collars also should be used to remind the rest of us that not every dog is open season for petting and we should always ask the owner before we approach their dog. Working together, we can all make our communities safer for dogs and people.

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