Dear Addie, Snow.

Posted by Addie on 1/5/2016 to Dear Addie
Dear Addie, Snow.


Dear Addie,

I am writing to you from beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona! I have lived here all of my life which would make that four years. My human has lived here for the last ten. We are getting ready for a move though. My human’s daughter is going to have puppies! My human decided that she needed to move back home to Norfolk, Connecticut where her daughter still lives so she can help her daughter raise them. Puppies, as you know, are a lot of work.
no dog clothes please, just let me sleep

Just one aspect of the move is troublesome to me. This issue just came up a few days ago so bear with me as I tell my tale. I was napping in front of the air conditioner, per my usual afternoon routine, when I was rudely awakened by my human. She was trying to put a sweater and boots on me without my knowledge. I immediately rolled on my back and kicked my legs to fend her off. She got a little frustrated and then said, “C’mon pal, I have to get you ready for Snow Country!”.

Snow Country? I’ve heard of snow, but I can’t seem to find Snow Country on a map. Do you know where it is? I thought we were moving to Connecticut to be with her daughter and her puppies, not a foreign land.

I have so many questions and not enough answers. Will I need a passport? Also, why does my human want me to start wearing people clothes? Those boots make me march like I am in a parade. Is snow really so awful that I need gear to get survive? I’ve heard that it is cold, but I am covered with hair so I don’t see the need for clothes. Why would anyone want to live in a country where you have to wear specialized clothing for survival? I am worried.

Buster Spuddington
(aka "Spud")

Dear Spud,

Bless your heart. There is no need for a passport for Snow Country because there is no such place. You are still moving to Connecticut. Your human was making a joke. Some people like to call a place ‘Snow Country’ when it snows a lot there. Rest assured, you will still be in the United States.

dog is not happy about having to go out in the snowI know you have heard of snow but do you know what you are in for exactly? I am a little concerned that you are going to be in a bit of a shock once you actually experience it for yourself. Have you ever looked in the freezer part of the refrigerator when your human opens it to find something to eat and saw some white stuff accumulated on the shelves? That’s frost. This is what falls from the sky for weeks on end. It also has to be very cold in order for the snow to fall so imagine all of outside is like the inside of a freezer. This is probably why your human wants you to wear some layers to keep warm. Getting a picture yet?

When it first starts to snow, you will be overcome with emotion. You will probably find it beautiful. It will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You will want to frolic in it. All of this is very common. Then one day, snow will not be fun. This happens when you’ve been denied your daily walk for the 20th day in a row because it’s too cold to go outside for more than ten minutes at a time. You will be mad about this. I like to call it “Snow Madness”. Snow Madness causes extreme grumpiness and overall irritability. You will also convince yourself that you will never be warm nor see another blade of grass again.

Just when you think all hope is lost and you have resigned yourself to never leaving your home again, a spring thaw arrives to rescue all of you sad sacks living in “Snow Country”. It is a moment of joy like none other because you are then free to roam around without the risk of becoming a popsicle or should I say ‘pupsicle’.

Since you are new to snow, I feel like you need a support system in place. I am going to be honest with you. Since I am in North Carolina where it rarely snows, I had to call on my squad for this one. They are a couple of Alaskan Malamutes named Juneau and Blizzard that live near the Canadian border in Theresa, New York. These two are a good resource for any questions you may have as a follow-up. I will send you their contact information just in case you need it.

I wish you luck with the move as well as with the new puppies. If one of them is female, the name Addie has a nice ring to it. Just putting that out there.


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