URGENT: Why Is My Dog Pressing His Head Against The Wall?

Posted by Lisa on 1/26/2016 to From Lisa
URGENT: Why Is My Dog Pressing His Head Against The Wall?

Why Is My Dog Pressing His Head Against The Wall?

Dogs do many weird things. My dog Ben used to steal cutlery and put it under his bed for safe keeping. My friend’s pooch chases low-flying airplanes as they pass over their house in hopes of catching one one day. My all time favorite weird dog story to tell is about one of my former grooming client’s Lab named Ginger. She liked to swim so much that she would escape from their house during the summer months and hop the fence to the backyard to do laps in the pool. She would even climb the ladder to jump in the deep end which always cracked me up.

dog-licking-lips One weird thing that you shouldn’t chalk up to something that is oddly charming and adorably peculiar is when a dog presses his head against a wall or door for no apparent reason. Granted, there are times when a dog can playfully use his head to get your attention and press up against you or another animal. What I am referring to is when your dog presses against a hard surface for a prolonged period of time. This is called “head pressing” and could be a big indicator of a serious underlying medical issue. You should seek medical care for your pet right away to determine the cause of the head-pressing behavior.

According to vet.cornell.edu, there is a wide range of reasons why a dog would be compelled to press its head against a hard surface. Most often the reason is neurological or metabolic so the appropriate tests would be ordered by your veterinarian to get to the root cause. Be prepared to get asked a lot of questions about your dog’s actions and behavior leading up to the head pressing incidents as the veterinarian needs to have a full history so he can help your dog as best as he can.

Because neurological and metabolic issues are seen in dogs of all breeds and ages, please don’t think that this is a senior dog issue. This can be seen in young dogs as well. People can mistake head pressing for goofy behavior when in fact it can problematic. It’s also best not to wait to see if it gets better because early intervention can help save your dog’s life. Please share this blog post on your social media pages to let the dog lovers in your life know about head pressing. If knowing this information helps just one dog owner out there, then it is worth it to just press ‘send’.

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